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Just Shelter Site Design


To accompany the release of Evicted: Poverty and Profit In The American City, Harvard scholar and 2015 MacArthur Fellow Matthew Desmond enlisted us to create Just Shelter, a web portal for eviction and housing assistance-related resources. It also serves as a place to read and share personal stories of eviction.

To help visitors find resources in their community, we created a clickable U.S. map that triggers state-by-state listings of over 600 housing advocacy organizations. To enable Desmond and his team to easily update these resources, we established a user-friendly set of spreadsheet tables on the backend. Once published, these tables are automatically styled and presented on the site, so that backend users don’t have to touch any code.


We also created a secure way for visitors to submit their eviction stories and accompanying photos. Once submitted, these are automatically formatted as editable posts, which can then be published by admins to the site with a click.

We expect the site to continue to evolve, with more features in the works. We hope it becomes a rallying point for action on the important issues raised by Desmond’s work.

So far, Just Shelter has received mention in the New York Times, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and several other national media outlets.